GTX 1050 vs GTX 760 Test in 6 Games (i3 6100)

GTX 1050 vs GTX 760 Test in 6 Games (i3 6100)
Watch Dogs 2
Project Cars - 01:19
Rise of the Tomb Raider - 02:58
Grand Theft Auto V - 04:43
Far Cry Primal - 06:56
The Witcher 3 - 08:07

Windows 10
Intel i3 6100
GTX 1050 2gb
GTX 760 2gb
  • Elmer

    It's surprising that an entry level "shitty" video card performs better than my GTX 760... Probably it's time to move on and upgrade. And spend a crapload of money. :(

  • Party

    Got mai evga GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked for 60$

  • N GMA

    my card nvidia p6000gtx 1080ti? lol hahahaha

  • relug poronono

    hos many ghz is the i3 clocked at

  • Sniper NoLove

    i have GTx 1050 ti, Guys Its best Cart <3 <3 <3

  • Monkeytama

    Monster bottleneck that i3 gave in tomb raider lol100% Cpu almost all the time.

  • W1SH3RTV

    На каких частотах видеокарты работали?

  • JForce

    slight performance difference makes sense since the 760 is closer to a 950 in performance and the 1050 is only a bit above that.

  • Ni Ger

    MAN pls, compare the 680 & 1060 3gb.

  • Rtmm

    I am about to buy the gtx 1050ti from msi. Is this better than the gtx 750ti?

  • RPDxTyrant

    Guys I need help I am new to computers and I have a GeForce GTX 760 now I want to upgrade it so is a 1050 better or is the 1050ti much better?

  • Alexander Kozlov

    1050 тупо упирается в i3 6100. я не пойму, кто кукарекает, что это не так, в глаза чтоль долбится?? на % загрузки цп и проседание фпс в моменте ваще никто не смотрит, только одну циферку разобрать способны, игнор всего, кроме счетчика кадров?..

  • SoXD

    gt 730 ddr5 2 gb vs gtx 760 ?

  • Clorox bleach bottle 500ml

    The I3 bottle neck the gtx 1050

  • Coroi Alexandru-Mihai

    such a small difference is a rare thing, almost you can say that is the same card

  • aZera

    is 1050 or 1050ti?????

  • Kaine DOGG

    so more or less the same card, i am disapointed with the gta 1050 as it is a newer card

  • Turboslang

    Well,.. i am happy, my 760 is still ~fine, and has more cuda then 1050 so.. its better

  • Evono

    wow your using cracked games for benchmarks on youtube ? clearly states at the start of the video your profile name is "CPY " thats what cracked CPY games make.

  • xmove 01

    Ну впрочем как я и думал что 1050 про производительности не уступает 760

  • Subhadeep podder

    gtx 1050 is better than gtx 960 how can u compare gtx 760

  • Thomas Dofferhoff

    You said you have 8GB of RAM but in the video when GTA V starts you can see your system uses 8,5 GB of RAM, soooo what is this?!

  • Fadel Tilome

    i have gtx 1050 on my msi gl62,, why the fps always drop when drive on watch dog 2 ?

  • Super Mutant

    i3 6100 match with gtx 760 than 1050 ??

  • BodorSoft TV

    Gigabyte GTX 760 4GB i love this card (Y) Windforce 3 ,2*8 pin.

  • bouli soft

    фас показан при сьёмке верно?

  • Caddy OG

    i think he have that high fps even from the RAM. I think he have 16GB

  • Dmitriy Ivanovskiy

    The best channel i have ever seen

  • Rúben Escaleira

    I want to buy this card GTX 1050, i have a 500W can it support this card? thx great video. :)

  • Aleksandr Orlov

    i3-ий по ходу 1050 не раскрывает до конца, больше фпс должно быть

  • saif abdullah

    Can u make a video about the gtx 760 vs the 1050 tiLike if you agree

  • Piotr Jankowski

    You could use a better CPU for watch dogs 2 because when you crashed into that stall it was solid 100%

  • Vladimir Kalatay

    The performance difference is around 5%, cards are the same, but gtx 760 is cheaper!

  • Tech It Later

    can you compare the 1070 and 980ti

  • Dogllerz

    good which Amd firepro s9170 or Nvidia quadro m6000 if Intel xeon processor e5 2697 v4 and Mobo asus z170m plus

  • Lord Gamer

    try gtx 760 in assasin creed unity then you will cry

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