GTX 1050 vs GTX 760 Test in 6 Games (i3 6100)

GTX 1050 vs GTX 760 Test in 6 Games (i3 6100)
Watch Dogs 2
Project Cars - 01:19
Rise of the Tomb Raider - 02:58
Grand Theft Auto V - 04:43
Far Cry Primal - 06:56
The Witcher 3 - 08:07

Windows 10
Intel i3 6100
GTX 1050 2gb
GTX 760 2gb
  • Grade E quality

    My gtx 760 2gb died. Is 1050 ti worth getting?

  • KratOs Sword

    Nice i buy gtx 760 for 40€ it’s good no ? :)

  • El Lobeznillo

    acabo de comprar una 760 por 60$ y estoy muy contento con los resultados.

  • Alex Mercer

    у 1050 медленнее отрисовка

  • NoLimits*** 760 checking latest gaming performance

  • J25_games

    i just love how the 760 won at Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Chuy

    I have the 760 and runs no where like yours does I’m mad 😒

  • Hareesh Devendran

    Compare it will gtx 770 not 760

  • Northof49

    What about the graphics card quality? 1152 cores GeForce GTX 760

  • dvr1337

    So u dont even have to upgrade after 5 years.

  • Thomas Sasik

    This moment when you cant even affort the games

  • DOFFIEE #5925

    You said you have 8GB of RAM but in the video when GTA V starts you can see your system uses 8,5 GB of RAM, soooo what is this?!

  • falt

    i3 is a slight bottleneck but they are REALLY close.

  • bubsies jensen

    So the main difference is that it says gtx 1050

  • Bob Lol

    You've gotta think too, this guys resolution is 1920 x 1080, that's fucking insane considering we're looking at cheap graphics cards.

  • LewJa

    Cross your eyes alittle and it looks like one recording on one graphics card

  • Fjodor Grenz

    Glad I bought the gtx 760 instead of the 1050 which costs like two 760s

  • DawnShadow Gaming

    there's barely any difference

  • Ak47

    get an ti thank me later

  • omar awesat

    There is almost no difference, actually if you have the gtx 760 4gb edition you will get even more fps than the 1050 not sure about the 1050 ti.

  • josh richardson

    So 760 oc'd = gtx 1050

  • valera sychev

    если в 900p тестить то разницы нету

  • Money Gamer

    your processor is a bottleneck for your gpu, i play rise of tomb raider on maximum settings in amd fx 8350 @ 40-47 fps in gtx 1050ti 4gb

  • Follow The Bass

    and with i3-8100? More smooth? :D

  • TheNikolinho

    so, for most games it was only around 40 frames per second for gtx 760? disappointing :(

  • Jonathan Villamil

    LOL watching the witcher horse ride found my self doing the katakatak katakatak in my teeth.. stoooppiiddd hahah

  • AdvertZ

    1050 is better:-Faster-Newer-DX12

  • bagnome

    I was considering upgrading to the 1050 from my 760, but now I think I'm going to wait until the ti or the 1060 come down in price.

  • lukilladog

    Pay respects to the 750ti, the last good budget card. Seriously the 760 wasn´t even a great card, it performed like the 660ti and now they wasted two node jumps for this?, wtf!.

  • Just being that character who lives under a bridge

    Is it possible your cpu is bottlenecking the gpus....

  • Vijay bhatt

    Comparing two generation ahead card of old time..More ahead series card..It's wrong comparison.

  • saif abdullah

    Can u make a video about the gtx 760 vs the 1050 tiLike if you agree

  • simas zaidimas

    amazing gpu! im about to buy i5, 16gb ram and 760 oc twin frozr for only 250euros. amazing that for such low price i will be able to play the best games (witcher3)

  • Niilo22 Klippejä ja Simpsoni klippejä HD

    Does all these games run "Good" with...i5-2400 3.10ghzNvidia Gtx 1050 2gb vram8gb ram ddr3Windowns 10 professional 64-bit

  • HHGaming 220900!

    GTX 760 can run pretty much any triple A games for next 2 to 3 years.

  • Bryan Lotus

    both have the same performance the is gtx 760 needs a lot of power 8 pin and 6 pin

  • Bruno Leonardo

    Your CPU is bottlenecking ALL games. You can't really compare the two with that CPU.

  • Francesco Savoini

    What are the frequencies of core and memory?

  • Jack Gamer

    GTX 1050 cheaper and powerful but GTX 760 expensive

  • Misha Vavilonyan

    fap fap fap ... gtx 760

  • ToXeNxAleks

    1050 are not too much better than 760

  • J Wohl

    My EVGA gtx 760 (no overclock) can hit 55-60 FPS consistently on the GTA benchmark. All my setting are maxed out except grass is on high. 1080 res. I would need a 1060 to get any real upgrade. I personally think the 760 is an excellent older card, its only held back by the 2 gb of Vram.

  • tudy000

    Yeah,so the difference of 3-4 fps tells how good the technology was back 6 years ago vs this little 1050 shit which has 1-2 years tech in it?

  • Pherník

    1050 is much better than 760, this is fake i think

  • DawnShadow Gaming

    HAH! did anyone notice the gtx 760 did better in some places than the 1050

  • ItzNukeey

    This kinda shows why its always better to go with XX60 instead of XX50 if you can spend more money, even though performance is a bit higher on 1050 the 760 is nearly 4 years old while 1050 is 1 year old

  • Flames Tornado

    In project cars you're faster with the 1050 maybe because its newer😂. Anyways thanks for the benchmarks

  • Brian Tangyk

    Its the CPU , I guess


    ¿¿the gtx 760 has dropped fps in a game that you have tried ??

  • MeGos Epien

    no reason to change?

  • Old Shool Hip Hop

    I've been having 760 GTX for over 4 years or so, I'm very pleased with it. Great video card and good price. Can still play AAA games on ultra high settings without any problems.

  • s ship11

    Well i got my 760 for $10 only had to cook it for a while and now im up and gaming

  • ScaryParadox

    can i play pubg with i5 4670k and gtx 760 reference model? I have 8gb ram

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