LowSpecGamer: running the Witcher 3 under the minimum specs

The Witcher 3 is a demanding game. Contrary to popular belief, it can be run on an old computer if you are bold and drastic enough.

Download the Witcher 3 config tool here: http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/12/?


The laptop used for this video has the following specifications:

CPU: Dual-core 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7-2637M

All gameplay footage is taken using an external video capture device.

Intro footage taken from the official Witcher 3 trailer.
Very short clip taken from this official NVIDIA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md4Hmgtl8q0
Short clip of HD ultra settings footage taken from this video by Gamestop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us9SiaL39h4


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  • Gypsy TV

    question do you main a purposely lowspec pc?

  • Trevs Grins

    hey Alex can't download this config what to do? give me another linkP.S downloaded it I just needed to be registered to download anyways thanks for this video u r my fav YouTuber huge support from me

  • Homercall

    Can a laptop with:i3 -3217U 1.8 GHz8 GB RAMNVIDIA GEFORCE 740MRun the game with those configurations?

  • Kartik Ravi

    Can I Run It?Core i5 5200u 2.2 GHz8GB RAMR5 330M 2GB AMD Graphicsis it playable? approx FPS?

  • Earl Grey

    anyone hear a guy shout "WTF" in the background at 8:40

  • Jokerr Fox

    I find it funny what frame rate you consider "playable" because I just deal with the lag. some days it's completely unplayable though

  • Cesar Vasquez

    please far cry 4 brooo

  • MagnaMater2

    I bought my computer in 2002 for playing gothic 3, that ran well enough, though it was a big world. It refused to play Witcher2 though, there was only sound and no picture... or the picture came some seconds after the sound... if it didn't freeze... not very ideal in fighting... but I didn't know what to do and gave up. - Now i'm giving it a try with Witcher3 - wish me luck.

  • YouTube Police 370

    looks like The Witcher on mobile

  • Efren Arevalo

    1998 calledIt wants its graphics back

  • Mark Alelen

    9:45 the ground is made of the inside of a cpu

  • Ben Cokus

    The intro was flippin hilarious. Have fun with my subscription. Also can we talk about how amazing the ui program for the config files? I wish every game had a mod for that. I'm definitely gonna be downloading it.

  • Komang Wow

    the graphic after make it lower like the witcher 1

  • Stormforce VII

    why am i watching this lol? i dont even need too but it is soo entertaining! and good work for helping more people to be able to play this

  • FINN- plays

    "when i hear(itse alle about gameplay) i will hear this 0:26

  • reim1004

    If only the character models looked ugly too...

  • Antonio Igor Rocha do Vale

    this looks like gothic 3...

  • rayan harachi

    best channel on youtube period

  • Digito

    Y'all really boost my PS4's morale lmao

  • Ahenci

    I wanted to buy a better PC, but I didn't have time to play.I got fired so now I can play. I don't have the money to buy a better PC.Life sucks.

  • Sir_ Detonxツ

    it's gona work??? im have intel core i5 4200U 1,6GHz 4 GB ram NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M

  • Garrin Hax

    lowspecgamer, Please do conan exiles low end pc. I need help!!!

  • Laud

    can i play it using nvidia 342.01 driver?

  • john xiong

    Looks almost like Skyrim on consoles

  • IdrizIsLive

    looks like runescape

  • Aj Jingco

    Rather buy an AFFORDABLE PS4 than having to play games on a low specs desktop PC or a low spec laptop with an integrated Intel HD as a video card!

  • Zupremo

    i bought a 2nd hand gtx 770 for $75 and i can play these game in ultra setting with hair fx turned off on 30-50 fps depending on the location.if you have a gtx 560ti or above gpu and you have a dual core cpu with 2 threads you should upgrade your CPU first because when i put my 560ti on my brother's 4th gen i3 CPU with 4 threads it still can play witcher 3 in midium to high with some minor tweaking on some unnecessary option like shadow which hit the FPS very hard without giving so much enhancement to the scene. allthough witcher 3 is still playable in core2duo it just stutters a lot but on i3 not only the stutter was completely gone it also giving me a much higher frame rate.

  • Nilay Sharma

    Could you do one for Paladins, the online shooter game

  • MichalPlays

    The tipp nr. 1 doesn't work so good at Witcher 3 GoG version :P Every time I trying to play GoG Galaxy "update" the game and custom settings are gone :P Any solutions?

  • ary djulian

    Hi LowSpecGamer , i know this is an old game, but i have been playing it lately and i have a quite low PC specMy PC Spec :- Intel Core i3 540 3.06 GHz @ 3.67 GHz- 4 Gb of dual channel DDR3 RAM- 60 Gb SSD for system (Windows 8.1 x64)- AMD HD 7770 1 Gb VRAMThe Witcher 3 version i used is the GOG GOTY edition with all the latest DLC and patch (as i understand)i've been playing with 1280x720 Custom High setting ( disabling hair FX and AA) and have been getting quite a constant 20-25 FPS throughout the game.my question is is there any custom setting i could use to get a playable framerate on Ultra setting?Thx.

  • Rozan Ibnu

    Really helpful thanks low spec gamer

  • Gamanis

    I have 2 titan xps, a mother board that is running dual i7 7700k, 128gb ram and 4 4k monitors. can i run this?

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