LowSpecGamer: running the Witcher 3 under the minimum specs

The Witcher 3 is a demanding game. Contrary to popular belief, it can be run on an old computer if you are bold and drastic enough.

Download the Witcher 3 config tool here: http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/12/?


The laptop used for this video has the following specifications:

CPU: Dual-core 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7-2637M

All gameplay footage is taken using an external video capture device.

Intro footage taken from the official Witcher 3 trailer.
Very short clip taken from this official NVIDIA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md4Hmgtl8q0
Short clip of HD ultra settings footage taken from this video by Gamestop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us9SiaL39h4


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  • Yuriy Plate

    Please do improving performance video on Mafia 3. That's the only video i'm waiting from you.

  • Dragonborn of Skyrim

    You got 15fps on minimum without your low spec config but I got on my IntelHD 5fps on minimum this is low spec video I know you got low spec computer but I still dont know how are you doing this

  • AlLmi

    update this to 1.31 i dont know how off shadows :(

  • PajojeKU

    Believe me or not i finished this game on 60fps 1080p uber settings

  • Samuel Šagát

    REALLY NEED HELP! Do you guys think i can run this on 2.3Ghz, 3Gb RAM and 256mb Graphic card laptop???

  • Heavenly Star

    can you play this game with a 7th gen i7 dual core, 16 ram, Ati radeon r5?

  • Onii-Chan Music

    Alguém veio pelo o Luan heuchdh

  • Efeler Gibi

    Why am i watching this with a GTX 1060

  • SSSniperKing/SamFisherMI5

    Hey LowSpecGamer please do it for mafia 3 please please mafia 3 please I have intel i3 2120 3.34gb ram ddr3Nvidia GT 7302gb GDDR5Please do something about mafia 3

  • László Dajka

    interesting in gog version the user file doesnt include these same points like Max allowedlightsshadow.

  • Verbatim

    Anything under 60fps is terrible

  • PackEP

    Em 2015 e 2016 joguei esse game praticamente no ultra (apenas sombras e folhagem no alto), em Full HD e HBAO+ ativado sem cair de 40 fps. Ver vídeos como esse é ótimo pra dar um choque de realidade e começar a achar bom o que se tem, porque é normal o ser humano ficar querendo algo melhor mesmo quando já tem algo bom.

  • Varegue


  • Marcin Krasowski

    idk why but i have "could not find bin x 64" warning. How to fix it?

  • Dato Gugeshashvili

    does this work for 32-bit

  • Altaïr Ibn- La' Ahad

    With all these mods it will run on a GPD Win?

  • Nathan taquatia


  • Kojima World Order

    I'll take my gtx1070, extreme graphics mod, and 100fps over this, thanks though.

  • Sam Tarly

    I love this, it kinda looks like Gothic 2. Btw, this only shows how poorly the game engine scales down, otherwise it would still look better than something like Skyrim on 360.

  • Leonardo Nantes

    You are a god. God bless you.

  • efnald

    i can run? Placa: Geforce 8400 gs 512MBProcessador: Intel Celeron 2,60 ghzRam: 2GB

  • Guilherme R


  • ultimatekenny9

    uuuuuuh pentium g3258 and gtx 1050. how

  • Dinar Dinar

    Wow, I didn't know they were still releasing gamecube games

  • AlexADK

    why play witcher 3 on the lowest possible settings when it looks just like the witcher 1 lol


    quem veio pelo luan?

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