The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Final Boss Fight Dettlaff

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Final Boss Fight Dettlaff

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  • P4TTL

    So i got all the way to this boss and i have no food, none at all what the fuck do i do? reload the save 5 hours before? fucking annoying

  • Izzi Rogers

    the horror when you you did this boss fight without vampire oil....

  • Joe

    Dettlaff transformation kinda remind me of Illidan transformation.

  • Stanford

    That whole transformation scence and energy surge by Detlaff was too epic! And the follow up was the BEST LINE EVER IN A GAME: 6:11

  • Blunt Ripper


  • Kim V

    On console this boss fight was bullshit! On PC you can assign a button to all your consumables, grenades and gadgets while on console you can activate 2 at a time before then press-hold to switch, and sadly you need one potion to remove toxicity... Switching between all that and signs make it that much more difficult to fully focus on the opponent. More demanding of the player.Took me like 7-8 deaths to finally overcome this spit in the console players face of a challenge by the developer. Just a little too unreasonably tough with forced limit of multitasking ;)

  • ohkabomb917

    What now, you piece of filth?!!

  • Zhengkang Vijaya

    still batter then twilight vampires

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