Witcher 3 Build Guide: Sword-Caster (Combat + Sign)

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Here's my sword-caster build for the witcher 3! Let me know what you think of it!

Alchemy & Combat Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWqsmlcDNLk

Combat Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bXpVFGvkxQ

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  • Diana Burnwood

    There is nothing in this game which you can't fuck the living crap out of it with the fast sword-caster-light armor build.

  • James Clegg

    I went all out quen cuz I use it more

  • OmarPlays

    What about Delusion?!

  • Peng Sear

    Hey guys , how to use/add skill points?

  • Dimmak Long

    Hi I'm know I'm late on the band wagon with this game :-) but what ruins would you use?

  • Tae Kwon Kid

    A build on how you're supposed to play the game

  • Yong Seng Lee

    Hi Stax,Would it be good to replace Rend with Griffin School Techniques(General Branch)?As I am using Wolf Gear,the 20% Sign Intensity and Stamina Regeneration seems to good to let upThanks!

  • Frank Cooney

    battle trance is gone what other ability do you recommend to replace it ?

  • Moist Goat

    Anyone know where this guy went, his videos were great.

  • Ethintyre

    Can anyone tell me the name of that funky song that is played in the intro?

  • William Marcet

    Whats stones should i be using for my armor and swords with this build??

  • RJ Aughey

    noobish build i think, mine is way better

  • Jay Bauson

    You have mentioned some good gear to boost them up, but how about enhantments to those gears? :D Great tutorial btw. Thanks!

  • Srinath S

    Why not Griffin gear for the sign - sword build? Because heavy gear lowers stamina which is essential for casting.

  • Filippo Bonsignori

    hi, this build is good for a blind run in death march?

  • trza49er

    This is pretty close to the build I'm currently aspiring to, although I kinda feel obligated to max out every ability I use, since there are so few slots available. I'm really liking the look of the Cat School, would you recommend abandoning any of the heavy strike abilities in favor of the Cat School ability? It only costs one point and adds like 20% damage to my fast strikes if I'm not mistaken. I use lots of Quen so the light armor is more ideal for me anyway.Love your videos man, thanks so much for the time invested.

  • Gabriel Lopez

    fucken Ah! thanks lol

  • Scary Nights

    but what about the skills in general where u can slow down time while aiming with a crossbow and the one that gives u 60 more carrying capacity

  • Andrew Stagles

    You really thought long and hard about this why bother about other stuff just sword fight

  • ravenwda007

    This is nice and all, but what if you're level 4?

  • Jacob Monroe

    Anyone who down talks alchemy in the Witcher 3 is a fool.

  • TitanTCG - Cards

    What if you're level 51? Is it optional to use the places of power?

  • Sween Bean

    Thanks for the build. Last combat skill you mean Flood of Anger. Battle Trance is the skill tree/ sub cat

  • Tmanqz

    THE COMBAT IS ON point. It Slays.

  • James_Dean

    I swapped the two igni skills with aard skills as its my preferable sign. also I dont use ursine but feline armour. Besides those two adaptions your guide was very helpful for me! thanks

  • Jake Malkowski

    What swords do you use? And what glyphs are best on the ursine armor?

  • trza49er

    Nice video man. I think this is the build for me, makes me feel like a medieval fucking jedi master to mix in some signs with a badass sword game. Only one I'm not sure I agree with is fire stream. It looks fucking cool but I had been planning on eventually upgrading my Aard a bit for flying enemies and crowd control. Thoughts?Also, alchemy is far from useless, it just doesn't appeal to me because I find it more tedious. I'd rather have my guy just be awesome in general rather than having to dose up on potions constantly. Some of the alchemy builds I've seen are actually pretty OP though.

  • Jacob Gonzalez

    I waited for the ad to finish playing. Is the least I could do for what I get with this video. THANK YOU!!!

  • Arby

    So would you use griffin or cat armor with this build?

  • Kartiko Hadiputro

    how nice you blurring out the quest for avoiding spoilers

  • SteamStax

    Hey guys check out my new Alchemy & Combat build! It's the most devastating build I've done yet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWqsmlcDNLk

  • Bergatrollet

    why is everyone talking about using healing potions? You literally need to just spend one single skill point into 'Gourmet' under the basic abilities in the skill tree and consuming food will heal you (also during combat) for 20 min.

  • Bryan R Thompson

    Whirlwind is great, but far from a catch-all. My current build has a heavy combat focus - I can do almost unlimited whirlwind, but in using it usually take on a lot more damage from enemies in groups so there’s a trade off in dodge ability and limited range. Also, I’ve literally set out on an equal leveled opponent one on one in what was around a 20sec whirlwind strike and he locked in a block animation negating all damage... I was pretty impressed, finished my animation fainted on his next strike with a parry and cut him down a two light strokes. Love the combat build for game, do almost all fights with sword skills and one or two aggressive casts - no Quen all speed! Makes every encounter just a little bit more exciting!

  • Shaun Kelly

    Was playing Skyrim on the 360. Just got this game. It's seems harder. This one is gonna take a while to get used to. I still like skyrim better. Nice video.

  • danielrc14

    Is this build still good? I'm asking because there have been a lot of changes.

  • CrzBonKerz21

    I find it hard to pull Geralt away from being mostly swordplay, because I find the need to stay true to his character. Probably an example of a reason as to why Geralt will no longer be the protagonist for new Witcher games. He's too developed to be an open ended character.

  • Jaysen AU

    Man, I'm so glad I found you. No stupid intros, no begging for subs and likes, you talk fast, you get straight into it and no click bait. Subscribed instantly. 👌🏼

  • NCGNexus

    its funny becuase the most op build in the game is an alchemy and combat hybrid

  • Yolette SaintPreux

    This move fucks the shot out of anything that lives lol!

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