Injustice 2 - *All Wonder Woman Intro Dialogue

*All, meaning current roster, without DLC's or premieres. I'll upload those when they become available for access. Hope you enjoy!
  • Bo Banesz

    Injustice makes my favorite superhero look so bad, I miss my noble Wonder Woman.

  • ZeroWolf

    Based on Linda Carter

  • MethKitty

    Damn, right off the bat Aquaman hadda hit her with that mad disrespect

  • Eric Jones

    Nice hair texture, Woman!

  • Candis Telmos

    I hate how they made Wonder Woman such a bad person in this universe

  • Archangel of Death

    "You're right you lost your crown"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssnap!!!

  • Bruce Patel

    Wonder Woman is so freaking annoying in this game

  • Ajay Nehaul

    Oh jeez stop banging your sword on your shield

  • Demonic Stars

    By hanging you with your own lasso that part cracked me up

  • ThatSpiderGuy 14

    I like Wonder Woman, but this game is making me hate her.

  • Darth Portus

    I can't belive that some people actually apologizing Wonder woman and Superman in this. No making totalitarian regime is wrong no matter your intentions. Ends doesn't justify means because means dictates the ends.

  • •Dest Edits•

    26:49 true Harley true

  • Adam Poole

    supergirl's face is ugly

  • jared Ortiz - Luis

    Whats your visual display set at

  • Poison Ivy

    I like how people like Black Canary or Blue Beetle think they can beat Wonder Woman

  • Fledder Maus

    injustice 2 made wonder woman like reallllllyy hot.

  • SuperMarshall 2.0

    "The old Diana would disagree." Sorry Bruce but from what I could gather your world never had an 'Old Diana'c

  • Jeremy Brown

    Wonder Woman gets way too cocky, she's gotten her ass kicked by multiple villians...

  • Ozan Fırat Öz

    WW: I’m not scared by a sparkBlack Adam: My lightning is not a mere spark!WW: To a daughter of Zeus, it it

  • Lady Caeda

    People hated wonder women just for killing Harley? One Harley even admits she kills people. 2nd Harley only manages to change herself because joker is dead! Speaking of which, when Harley or joker kills people it's k! But when wonder tried to kill that leopard girl and then Harley saves her! Then wonder women attacks Harley then she gets bashed? Mabe if Harley let's wonder women kill her, then none of this would had happened! I also agreed we wonder. Women should kill all enemies

  • Masoud Km

    Fuckin hate this bitch.. literally every incarnation of her

  • NekoWolf

    This game made me hate Wonder Thot

  • OtakuGamer Nation

    Wonder Woman is bae and not bad

  • Kevin Scott

    Loving this Wonder Woman, but she is kind of scary!!!

  • Jason Lor

    How do you die standing? Does Atrocious put you on a stake?Also at 28:33 - That was actually a good movie.

  • Christian Girl

    I love Wonder Woman but I couldn't find a villain that I liked. Now here is regime Wonder Woman. Go kick Batman's butt.

  • A.J Thomas

    One thing I have to agree with both Kara and Scarecrow is WW is a bad influence on Superman. She manipulated him right from the start.

  • The Best

    WW: This will calm you downAtrocious: Irritating femaleAtrocious funny af for that lol 1:30

  • A G


  • Deadly Girl

    Onw of my favorite ❤️

  • Shelby Powell

    The great thing about this game making good characters evil and etc. Is the level of sass some intros get... I want to use some of these as comebacks..

  • Alienkarrot

    She looks like Amanda desanta from gta V

  • TehWolfmanOP

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that she holds the sword in her left hand when she enters first, but then in her right when she enters second?

  • Aleksandar Vil

    I only hope that NetherRealm Studios has plan for Artemis of Bana-Mighdall as playable DLC (in Injustice 2 or Injustice 3). With her arcade ending as replacement for Regime! Wonderbitch Diana, to become new Wonder Woman. Just like Supergirl (instead of her cousin Superman, that became High Chancellor of Regime) being accepted in Batman's "circle of trust"//reformed Justice League

  • Dariel Jamarion

    Wonder Woman is so hot and sexy with her nice outfits perfectly

  • Dr. Jim

    Such a bitch in this game.

  • Walter Laubscher

    Susan Eisenburg plays Wonder Woman always to perfection!

  • Aerilor

    You're a regime supporter?!

  • xandar phoenix

    It's not that I don't like this regime WW it's I just hate that she has fallen from the loving compassionate WW we've all come to love

  • Kyle DIAZ

    Wonderthot is a bootlegged Harley Quinn without any of the humor, well at-least in the injustice universe that is.

  • Jeremy Brown

    Look at this, The True Antagonist of D.C. Injustice

  • Splinks

    God she is such a bitch in this game

  • Michael Brent

    Deadpool v Wonder woman Deadpool:Hey Wonder Woman you should really watch your own movie.WonderWoman: what are you talking about?Deadpool:You know the one made by Zack Snyder.WonderWoman: The Regime Won't tolerate insanity.Deadpool:No one need to tolerate your boob and butt to lay on.WonderWoman:Do you ever shut up? Deadpool:Soo now that Batman lost you want to Pancakes.WonderWoman:How Bruce talorate you is beyond me.Deadpool: well you didn't say no.

  • BrokeandBroken


  • some guy 1

    Bane: "Now that hurts my feelings Diana"Wonder Woman forgets Bane broke Bruce's back

  • Vainth

    Thumbs up if you are part of Superman and Wonder-woman's regime

  • Sahib

    Funny how she has a shield with the Batman logo whilst threatening Batman.

  • Neightrix Prime

    Sad times when the voice acting and facial animations in a fighting game dominate mass effect. Of course, this is top notch.

  • BlackPathology

    Why is she making the same moves with aquaman in the beginning?

  • Lady Caeda

    So what does wonder women say to wonder women? And I couldn't find any videos about their dialgoue lol

  • Fandom Girl_20

    Wonder how Gal Gadot would feel about her Injustice 2 jerk counterpart.

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