The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Parody

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Parody" is a based on the popular Witcher video game series --- (Easter Egg Hints/Answers Below)

*2 Easter Eggs:
*Egg 1: (Stone Unturned)
*Egg 2: (Fickle Flame)
(find the answers at the bottom)


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"Five Armies"
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*Easter Egg ANSWERS:

*Egg 1: (Stone Unturned) 0:57 Looks like you found another stone of barenziah, sitting on the sack behind the witcher.

*Egg 2: (Fickle Flame) 3:31 There one second gone the next, the fire in the Innkeep's stove is a fickle thing.
  • MrRaspBerry Games

    Hahahaha Omg look in the begining u can see a stone of berhenzia in the bakgrund in the bag behind geralt

  • WhySoSalty XHanzo

    S SeSexSexyAAsFFuFucFuck

  • Big Smoke

    1 fucking feat and you are dead literaly aything and I mean ANYTHING can kill you a fucking BUSH can kill you a fucking jump JUMP can FUCKING MURDER YOU A FUCKING GROUND CAN RAPE YOUR ASS

  • Logan Creed


  • Cassuttus Tshirt

    I always lose it at "What the hell is a cookie monster!?"

  • kawaii hitler

    fiend? no probancient witches that can have ties with the wild hunt? bitch plsvampire that was ancient before he was summoned into our world? just talk him downa mighty djinn that has the power to literally stop time? i will just look at myself in the watereredin, wraith bastard from another dimension that was a thorn in my side ever since i met ciri? pff, guy can't break through my magic shield3 foot drop onto the ground? ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?! DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS?!

  • Wicked Xander

    I really want more of The Witcher 3 parody videos, could you maybe make more for this game

  • CharmCitysKing


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