"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • david teddy

    He hop and slice he cut and dice...he eat your hole😂

  • Huang David

    man. why not smash instead of kill.

  • Cosmical Satyr

    this is the first game that i played completely through the dlcs ( pirate download) and then i bought it with all dlc just to show some respect to this fucking piece of art. thanks Cd Projekt Red

  • Moeed Awais

    whats the name of music start at 2:06 ?

  • Clorox Bleach

    So he DID come back to kill Oriana

  • Adans Lee


  • Jornada Za

    Ta cada vez melhor!!!

  • archnekst

    Where this place i mean the barn jn toussaint

  • Charlie Burnett

    I’ve never played this game, yet this cinematic is fucking awesome!

  • Paweł Gil

    zabicie Wiedźmy to nie lada sztuka. Ostry film.

  • jig ga

    loved the witcher 3...but if I can wish for 1 thing its a little better movement controlls..even after the update and with a controller it can be painful sometimes to move around

  • Rajesh Gera

    Turned out I m addicted to this cinematic... Gotta watch it before I sleep.

  • elragna02

    in the game you can see the bite on his neck

  • 이동건

    The vampire, when she is human appearance, she is pretty... What she had in her past life?and how, when she turned to vampire life from pretty human???

  • Marko Ivanović

    If I had to choose over watching movies or listening songs for the rest of my life, I would choose this.

  • guardalaluna

    Most perfect trailer of all time.

  • Bruno AMV's

    aquele trailer que você respeita...

  • Juan Pablo Quirarte

    Now I realize this is orianna, well it took me long enough jesus crust

  • Oinabilac

    She's a higher vampire and cannot be killed. The video makes no sense.

  • Bryce Nolen

    We all know that one succubus.

  • ArghNo GooglePlus

    This pretty much sold the game to me

  • Olivia Ross

    One of the greatest games I have ever played.

  • Fotttony

    Fuck me is the the the vampire chick from blood and wine

  • Droepram

    Geralt looks different in this. Also, we have to protect the beauty of white women in Europe. We cannot allow mass immigration and miscegenation to drive white women like the beautiful redhead in this trailer to extinction in the continent where they evolved.

  • maveric2170

    HOTS could've been a whole different game

  • Erina Winterfuyu.

    "Folk have forgotten it".

  • Munozl360

    Does geralt drop to rest or is he dying?

  • Samuel McElroy

    Thank god he brewed black blood

  • Sanderlee

    I'd swear the vampire voice actor is the woman who played Catelin Stark.

  • Diego Gonzalez

    Game is soooooo good, I tripped on shrooms and played this, i was really Geralt for a few hours

  • John Morris

    love the welsh accent.i live with that everyday here in north Wales.weird to here it somewhere else considering everything always centres around England.

  • Goolog

    so in the timeline this is the last thing geralt does that we know of. also noticed that big swarm of possibly bats that the elder vampire uses to summon lesser vampires. does this mean geralt actually died during this fight then came back as a vampire?

  • 이동건

    Who knows this song?

  • TheFlyingZeus

    Pls check out my "Youre a Witcher Harry" parody and subscribe :)

  • Mr Poool

    Orianna is actually a higher vampire more than a bruxa, she can usually only be killed by the hand of another higher vampire. But that moment of realisation when you saw this trailer and didn't know anything about the witcher universe before and then come back after you played The Witcher 3 + blood and wine. CD projekt red is an incredible developer.

  • AntwKats

    the awkward time when u meet a certain woman in the blood and wine expansion and somehow she reminds you of something ... then you watch this trailer again adn all comes and fits... Masterfull!

  • jemt1290

    Seriously those cinematics are INSANE.. There was a moment when I really doubted whether it was a live action trailer or not.

  • SiragusYT

    Why would he go and fight a higher vampire with a level 1 armor tho

  • Duy Son Nguyen

    Could anyone please explain the plot of this trailer for me. I know it is sth about the B&W DLC but i am now still going through the begin of the game, so still a bit confused about it

  • Ali Delfani

    I thought you couldn’t kill higher vampires:/

  • poppanaattori89

    "Strong Sexual Content" = Breasts?

  • fi zik

    I think she turned pretty again at the end as a last final defense mechanism from being killed. But actually the fact that he didn’t cut off her head as a trophy indicated that she will survive and recover but it will take a while. The nearby village will believe she’s dead. I think the Witcher respected her as an apex predator, who only kills out of necessity, sort of like him killing for coin. Except for when he’s killing to eliminate a true evil.

  • Linden Bromwich

    Dear Netflix, just try to make the TV show version at least half as bad ass as this cinematic and it might be decent. It's gotta be dark, twisted and cruel, continuously fucking with your moral compass as to who the real monsters are (see "killing monsters" cinematic too)

  • Kevin Castro Casanova

    Batman vs Superman in a nutshell

  • Seth Leoric

    Well id rather kill a giant crowthinf than fight a weird naked lady

  • Tyler Rue

    Best game ever made.

  • David Snake Doe

    such a majestic game

  • Sauron Deceiver

    Does anyone know which song from the OST is this?

  • Attila Vidacs

    Damn she was good looking and turned into such an ugly beast. He was getting his ass kicked badly too but out smarted her and read her like a book!

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