"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • BigMikeMcBastard

    The best part of this cinematic is that Geralt is probably getting paid enough to live for maybe a few weeks, maybe a month. That's my favorite part of this setting. All the fucking awful shit witchers endure, all the scorn and suffering, they just barely scrape by. How many human soldiers would it take to kill this bruxa? Two dozen? Three? Is there even a realistic chance of a non-witcher destroying such a creature? Yet what do they pay him? A fucking pittance. It's incredible. He saves them from such horrors, yet he's despised and reviled and taken advantage of because what the fuck else is he going to do to survive?

  • Mike Smith

    I am SO glad I bought this game on steam about a month ago.......Best game I've ever played.

  • DeathJustice

    Witcher 3 is not even a game. It's art.

  • meds vannie

    Doesn't this mean that this trailer is technically the very last event shown to us chronologically in The Witcher series? That's kinda neat.

  • vince alsept

    geralt is such a bad ass

  • Dream Time

    Witcher in its original language (slavic/russian) is a.... MALE WITCH - i haven't seen these movies, are they calling a female witch a male witcher?

  • vince alsept

    ive watched this like 5 times!!!! lmao such a bad ass

  • Paul Duncan

    For everyone saying that she's not dead, at no point in blood and wine do they say she's a higher vampire, just a vampire. It's a plot hole that she can meet the unseen elder but not that she dies. More than likely she need's another vampire to go with her to meet the elder and she just knows where to look.

  • Anyuleira

    une brouxe ou une Alpyre :)

  • Máté Soós

    "One of the best rpg..." No, it is THE best

  • Siim Koger

    I don't think they had planned Blood and Wine from the start - just a trailer based on this story from books and decided to incorporate it into the game later on.

  • Hitopopamus

    "I'll come back for you one day, you know that.""Hmm, then I shall keep an eye out for you."

  • Alireza Rezayi

    you are a fucking shit .

  • Kevin K H Chan

    Horse was like "about damn time."

  • Adam Solomon

    Urgh, why cant games actually look this good!!

  • Fifty0ne

    This BETTER be what the NetFlix series is like. Anything less, and I'll be disappointed.And also, that is Orianna. And that's also Toussaint in the background. That means Blood & Wine was pretty much completely fleshed out prior to the game's release. I had no idea that was the case. It has to be her. It's literally the same character model.

  • Hawkwinter01

    When you've been playing Witcher 3 enough, that you know each sigil he casts in the cinematic...

  • Animesh Singh Rajawat

    all hail Geralt The Witcher

  • MovieDesinger

    good good if the witcher netflix series will be at least partially like this im gonna be thrilled

  • Fake Name

    this better be the intro for the Netflix series 😂

  • Kexin

    This trailer still awesome. The game is still awesome.

  • JugglerBean

    Do not suck a witcher's blood!

  • cmiller8492

    How come he didn't die from the poison?

  • I made this account just so I can comment

    does anybody know the name of the music that plays when geralt fights orianna, it sounds epic

  • gordon Freeman

    i can't wait to forget about this game so i can play it again

  • Itowle9

    If by some miracle witcher 4 had actual gameplay graphics like this I would literally never leave the house.

  • 楊尚勤

    If they goin to make a movie.. I think the actor Chris Hemsworth is quite fit.

  • Jlopez240 Gaming

    DAM he choke slammed the fuck out of her xD


    Will there ever be a better game?

  • Jackalack313 M

    this is the song from the main menu...

  • Antilles Gaming

    See, he did go back to kill Orianna

  • Equalist Spirituality


  • Kin B Fung

    I can't shake this song in my head. It is simple but very good.

  • GhANeC

    You would almost feel sorry for Orianna... if you didnt know better...

  • rafael santiago

    Damn just finished playing the base game for the first time and literally one of the best games I ever played period

  • FodSpeed

    it's also explain geralt wearing viper armor

  • sherwin conde

    she looks like lorde. no offense tho

  • Canal Silence

    Pooohan, acabei de conhecer Orianna no jogo, desconfiei dela ser um vampiro e achei esse trailer, melhor jogo mds...

  • Kalasha001

    opposite to some game developers, cd project actually plans the story of their franchise! (i am looking at you bungie) !!

  • Andrew1990R

    When it came out never really got into the vibes of The Witcher 3. But now I am addicted. How badass can Geralt be????

  • Voor Naam

    Superior Black Blood + Quen + Yrden + Superior Vampire Oil + Superior Tawny Owl + Ekhidna Decoction + Legendary Grandmaster Feline Set + Superior White Raffard's Decoction + Rend + Patience + 4X Greater Red Mutagen + Superior Thunderbolt + Superior Moon Dust + Superior Northern Wind + Aard + No Life 800+ Hours Into This Fucking Game = EZ Win.

  • Stine Nedergaard

    I dont get why Oriana is a bruxa here - in the game you get the impression she is a higher vampire (which cant really be killed)

  • Alex Pettersson

    "He'll chop and slice you, gut and dice you".

  • Kedeth

    its Orianna.....isn't she?

  • helheim90

    When you imagine, that a witcher has only his job to feed him, and geralt, the most successfull witcher off all time, has such a great struggle with a striga, you can see how powerfull she was and how difficult the life of a witcher is actually in the witcher universe :)

  • MC Senpai

    I did not see her in the actual game.

  • Kana Ker

    I keep coming back to this trailer every now and then.Also ask me Witcher Lore Related Questions if you want.

  • Joe Harker

    I like to think of this as Geralt's last contract. He's done with Blood and Wine, and there's one final loose end to tie up before he retires.

  • Alena Makarova

    Ох..ть ролик, ну и когда же будут игры как в этом ролике, сколько еще ждать, 10, 20 лет?

  • Liam Edwards

    Actual video of Geralt The Witcher cracking open a potion with the monsters

  • Vitor Abreu Arnoni

    We all know hugh jackman is the man for that

  • Lunatic

    Just finished my full Witcher 3 playthrough --- main game, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine --- completing all the quests, points of interest etc. and clocked in at 216 hours. Then I came over to see this trailer again. Geralt's final contract maybe? What a ride it's been, and what a great send off for Geralt of Rivia.



  • TheCarlosis

    need a quest for this

  • Sebastian Kaczmarek

    For me at least should be a polish version first than english.

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