"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • Illuminati

    That pretty much how all my Witcher contracts go. Getting rekt, yet some how win.

  • SuperScorb

    by farest the best trailer i´ve ever seen those times...

  • chris castoro

    That’s how u make a trailer

  • Hari Krishnan

    One of the incredible games with actual substance to back up the flashy trailers.

  • batman Lord

    When witcher got bait, i was thinking he is losing?wait ,the potion but i never use it one game

  • Ailogar

    Still playing in 2019??? :D.

  • MyEseniya

    “Nice tune, been a while since I heard it last.”“Folk have forgotten it.”“Got—-other things on their mind.”“Things like me?”“They paid me for you.”“In times past, no amount of coin would convince a witcher to take this contract.”“Times have changed”

  • mustin

    Black blood, never gets old.

  • fore skin

    Played whole game 3 times over

  • Commander Shepard

    So...is Orianna a Bruxa, or a Higher Vampire, since I remember Higher Vampires cannot be killed by no mean other than other HV

  • tom GILL

    About this Netflix contract... I personally think that they will mess up the franchise perdy badly. I imagine it will be nothing but slow-mo fights... Of course there is the argument of book vs. Game vs. Film. But if they’re going to do a series, I would hope that they’d do it as a cinematic like this. Rather than with actors. At least with a cinematic like this we can still hear the beautiful voice of Geralt. And I’d say it would look a lot better. What say you, the people?

  • Leon Everetts

    Little sad at the end

  • J S

    they should make a witcher 3 movie

  • ViktorKorolyov

    why is he wearing snake school armor?

  • Jingfeng Zhen

    Well, Orianna is a higher vampire, this is just a bruxa. The real fight must be a lot harder. Hope we can actually have that fight in game.

  • Anwaar Ibrahim

    Black Blood potion.....Moon dust bomb....Aard sign......Silver swordThis is how you get bruxae

  • Mert Ünal

    2018... IM HERE ALWAYS

  • Taerlach Haverty

    God damn, This was good before I played the games, but afterwards... You can hear just how nervous Geralt is by his voice, the stop/start nature of it. Add that to the fact that he doesn't look her in the eyes until he says "They paid me for you..." Such good characterisation in those small elements that people like me would have missed had we not played the games.

  • Guilhermemes ?

    damn, i finished the game 3 times, but i still watching this ove over again

  • Kai Beltran

    This has got to be the best cinematic trailer i have ever seen

  • paraffinalien

    simply the best game ever made

  • Cian Mulvey

    He forgot to take the trophy!

  • peter c

    Is this game good? Ive never played any of the witcher games

  • Quang Hoàng Minh

    what did she sing at the start of the trainer? Sr my English listen skill isnt good enough to understand

  • HolyknightVader999

    She's a higher vampire, you imbecile. Only a higher vampire can kill another, as far as Witcher rules go. Regis regenerated from being a pool of blood.

  • You cheeky minx

    This game deserves any and all praise. If you doubt what so many people say about this game to be true, just go get it and experience the best game released within the last 5 years for yourself!

  • Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

    I understand you Geralt. People call me a freak just because I cycle Trenbolone.

  • KenKaneki

    started my 4th playthrough yesterday , now im finally going for platinum !!!

  • The Completionist Guide

    Why did Geralt slay Orianna if shes a higher vampire, wont she just eventually regenerate

  • Coskun Yavuzel

    I don't get it. She must be a higher vampire, not a bruxa because of her intelligence. But clearly she is not if we look at the fight (for example she dont have claws and she is dying by a human lol) Also she cant be an alp because alps cant go invisible. So what is she

  • Nileonatter

    so, after completing blood and wine i have to ask this question: is the Bruxae shown in this video the orphanage owner who kept the kids as a supply of blood?

  • twinkle masta

    Witcher 3 isn't just a game....it's a way of life


    when you find out she didnt take the Plan B

  • TheDrowAvenger Playstation Gaming

    what's really great about this game when you look at the wolf school combat style it is realistic for the world they live in, When you face unnatural monsters you need a combat style to face them. But also it's like a jedi facing a bounty hunter with a stick when it comes to a witcher and a mere human, elf or dwarf, the witcher uses agilty and grace to out manuever his foe. Another reference I can give is Drizzt DoÙrden of the forgotten realm series. he is described as dancing around his foes as his speed and agility is much higher then a human or dwarf. So it makes me believe that witchers are trained to fight above and beyond. and the sword placements is within realistic measures as geralts blades are only 40 inches but everyones sword will be different in contrast to their arm span

  • Postaccelerationism

    this is how you deal with thots.

  • Mr. Extreme

    she looks like orianna

  • Nacho Jipot

    That what a call an Improved Black Blood... the best game of the decade...

  • Triết Nguyễn

    The ugly-looking Triss doll, isn't that the one Baron gave to Tamara?WHAT?

  • 80 iridium

    cant stop watching this till today

  • Prof. Genki

    Nerdgasm inbound. Love how even with how strong, fast, and agile witchers are they still end up fighting monsters that are much stronger and faster than them, which is where their cunning and knowledge in what they're facing comes into play.

  • SeventySeven

    i came back at this and thought what'll happen if cd projekt red developed an elder scrolls game?

  • MisterRedBlueBlur

    Hmmm, she's deadly ..., but on the other hand, she fights naked ..., yes, I think I like her.Thanks CD Projekt Red for this fantastic trilogy, thank you very much! :-)

  • Jeremie

    Who are playing the witcher 3 2018 ?

  • LivingSoul

    Supposed to used Yrden for fights with a striga.  The fuck was wrong with him?

  • Voodikod

    So, is she a bruxa or an alp?

  • Zeph0811

    After playing the entire campaign (DLC as well) I have so much appreciation towards CDPR and the trailers they pushed. This one is such a great follow up if you chose the Unseen Elder path on Blood and Wine DLC. Much respect.

  • dirtydac3221

    What kind of vampire is she? A bruxa?

  • Josh harrington

    Geralt is so fucking awesome

  • OkYouAreAmazing

    I got and beat this game when it launched and this is the first time seeing this trailer. I’m in aww

  • Kris Nye

    Getting on for three years and this still gives me chills

  • Andro Meda

    Isn't she supposed to be a higher vampire? Why she is so easily defeated?

  • zoom bip

    You look so ugly when you turned..

  • Joel Stone

    This is how the series should be made for Netflix, having real life castings will take away from the characters both in appearance and voice. It's better to just use the original voice actors from the game. Plus, they can put more detail into the monsters, geralts skills, the world around them etc by making it this way and it looks damn good anyway.

  • Maharani Anindya


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