THE BEST WONDER WOMAN? - GunShow (Firestorm) vs Yungmonster (Wonder Woman) - Online Matches

Injustice 2: Wonder Woman Action w/ Yungmonster!

Injustice 2
Wonder Woman
High Level Play
THE BEST WONDER WOMAN? - GunShow (Firestorm) vs Yungmonster (Wonder Woman) - Online Matches
  • Daniel Edwards

    I feel like I would play wonder woman if she wasn't such a bitch in the story

  • Kyle Johnson

    Def best ww dude just recked dragon and honey bee in war of gods

  • Johan Åberg

    Best Wonder Woman VS best Firestorm.

  • Deadly Girl

    can someone explain why firestorm has an air dash?

  • Jason Talbott

    Fight Playing to Win’s Starfire

  • TommyTrixx

    I think that he's definetly the best WW.

  • Jesus MLG

    Wowo is the hottest woman in the game. She needs safe advancing strings (like Supes f23) which would make her more viable.

  • pjefsquad

    Yung has a really good WW . I still think akromaniac has the best WW imo.

  • Jesus Ramos

    Fire Storm players:- Back away- spam fire blasts or fire charge (until they have a bar of meter) - use molten trap - FINALLY APPROACH- back 3 -> combo string they all use that ends with external fire burst- RINSE AND REPEAT TILL THEY’VE WON.

  • Shot in the Heart

    Do you play characters other than Firestorm? Just curious

  • TRT jeff

    THE best wonder woman definately

  • The Reasonable Extremist

    Lol Firestorm grabs her tits when he throws.

  • Sean Becraft

    no offense gunny... I really like seeing you lose lol. Firestorm is such a cancer character if played right (kind of like how you play him, except you don't spam molten trap from fullscreen while walking back for 3 minutes) that I honestly like seeing them lose in any situation. Unless they're going against captain cold. He's even worse imolove your videos though :)

  • Bago Silo

    I don't see that he is ''the best'' WW.

  • Joshua Cabanillas

    Anyone know what the first gear set and shader is

  • Maze Of Torment

    Yungmonster is mechanically great, but he need to just polish his decision making and match up knowledge.

  • Jonny CXV

    Yung putting in that work as a loyalist, I respect him because he doesn’t downplay and doesn’t blame characters for his disadvantages unlike Akro who will make up any excuse as to why he lost. At this point every character is broke to Akro. Point is Yung is one of the top few good WoWo players there are. Solid reads, knows his frames, and almost always has a game plan adaption. Also gave Gunny a good run there.

  • Bilal Aquil

    You are my favorite injustice 2 YouTuber keep up the good work


    I think the best wonder woman is Akromanic27

  • Hamun

    I wouldnt say that hes the best. But hes definitely Good with wonder woman

  • Alijah Burnett

    I was just talking about bringing the young brothers on your channel

  • Pink Kalia

    Nope not best. He only likes to fish for combos. Which is not what WW is all about and to be honest gunshow you were letting him get away with a bunch of bullshit :)

  • YoungDre'sBaby

    Definitely a bad mu for firestorm. She out zones him.

  • Shazamwiches

    Can someone tell me why we don't see more Wonder Woman?

  • Akio Of 100

    All I see here is that WoWo has no recovery on anything except for shield bash and that she’s plus on everything.

  • TyU -Up

    Yung monster is so solid #pause

  • Arjun Dev

    anyone who beaten sonic is worth watching 😀😂

  • Gaming With Manticore

    Female characters with the least clothing always win

  • Berlin Bower

    I need to pick up some of yungmonsters combos, he good

  • foxof42

    16:28 Her D3 is apparently Cheetah's D3? Good to know

  • Harry Brown

    Definitely not the best wonder ... I’d be more impressed with gun show if he beat a zoner

  • Stevie Jay

    As soon as I seen the title saying best wonder woman I new it was going to be young monster he's a beast, probably the best jbrigs player in mkx as well

  • Jason Talbott

    Yung has sick WW. What do you think this matchup is Gunny?

  • scott p

    do revets cheetah next

  • Harry Brown

    Just waiting to see gun show fight a zoner ...

  • kyle hawley

    I think he is the best


    Her arms gear piece makes no sense how can she use her bracers to absorb projectiles when she doesn’t have any on

  • Archduke Crunch

    Does using her buff leave you vulnerable enough that he never wants to use it, or are the buffs so weak he considers them unimportant? Is it just that whenever you could be activating the buff (like after a combo) there's more important things you could be ding? I just don't get why he doesn't use her trait.

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