Injustice 2 - Unlocking Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Movie Costume Gears!

So happy with this costume! Play it before it's too late! Just defeat Cheetah with b23 LOL

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  • Mr Independent

    THE MOVIES GETTING AMAZING REVIEWS! I can't wait for its release! We're finally going to get a good DCEU movie!

  • Daniel_Bury27

    I unlocked this today too. It took me all day but I did it! I never have to do it again! lol. :) Cheetah was hard, I mean frustratingly hard. On the go where I finally did it, I raised the roof and jumped out of my seat shouting Yes! It was such a good moment. The complete costume looks really cool and gives a nice edition to help promote the Wonder Woman film. Great work!

  • INeedMySon 4Real

    I'm hyped​ also I beat the level 20 cheetah with a level 11 wonder woman

  • Sina Maleki

    96% on rotten tomatoes!

  • crofty quinn

    Is there a way to still get the outfit because I got the game a week ago and I didn't see anything at the time.

  • Gavin Dhaliwal

    Holy fuck I have a lvl 10 Wonder Woman and I got my ass handed to me for a straight hour! I mean like the shield and the set isn't THAT good is it? 👀

  • Sniper0092

    Thoughts on the campaign?

  • PlaymorSeries

    i only need the sword & shield it won't be easy xD

  • Rene -Reigada

    i want the DCEU versions on here, Get the Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder universe versions of batman (christian bale, Affleck), scarecrow, Joker (Leto) idk about Heath Ledger,

  • wowbigman22011

    You doing good job at what you do.


    That's my girl !!!!!!!! NICE VIDEO 😎😍😘

  • ThePhantomPunk046

    is this still unlockable? even if we didnt get to do the multiverse event?

  • Reverse Flash

    Can't wait for a Flash event with his Movie (or TV Show) gear

  • Yolol Saures

    the gear was simple to get ...all of it

  • FangirlFreak Xx

    I really want them to add some gear from the Batman Arkham games, would love to see Arkham knight Harley Quinn gear, would spam that set up ha.

  • Black Raptor

    Challenge: "take no damage during the match"That is impossible to do for a boss fight.

  • aphroditess

    How did you beat the first Wonder Woman the something hate one I'm having a hard time

  • Hwa-Rang-Warrior19

    Beat Cheetah with My lv.11 W.Woman damn she's hard to guard feels like a faster Version of Bo Rai Cho on crack.

  • Jim Street

    WW looks way better for Injustice 2; in Gods Among Us, she was taking too many steroids!

  • leen

    I want to see the custume

  • I am writing right now

    And green arrow doesn't have a stephen amell skin...

  • JariahxSynn

    Wonder id thos event will comeback

  • Marie Pressure kmj

    Happy Memorial day Lostygirl

  • Carlos Alfredo Alas

    i lost it how i get it back

  • Irish Shakespeare

    Who's your favorite female character in Injustice 2?

  • sparky 357

    does anyone know how to make the superman braniac suit?

  • Neverstar-X

    I don't see this online yet

  • Bea Fraire

    Can you still get the gear? I already have 3 I just need 2 more, the shield and the tiara :)

  • DoOmEdSuRgeReSn

    i swear she looks so much better in this game. sweet looking gear. Wonder Woman is one of my mains. i unlocked this gear. it does alot of damage.

  • Looney Runes

    Cheetah's gear makes her look like Ferra.

  • locomojoboy2

    That lasso spam against cheetah doe. I expected more from you LOSTy...

  • Klay Patrick

    Have all the pieces except for the shield, cheetah getting on my nerves

  • Kalib Barnes

    I would cry out of stress when fighting cheetah

  • Rene -Reigada

    get ezra miller, ray fisher, jason momoa, henry cavill on here

  • Yo Mamaaa

    The cheetah fight took me 2 hours lmfao, my excuse is I was tired kappa

  • Señor Reyes

    Is the Wonder Woman gear going to stay the same as the character level? Because I'm level 20 with Wonder Woman, and the new gear still at level 11. (ಠ_ಠ) what do I do?

  • Theexclusiveelite85

    Hey what's with the pants? It should only the skirt wonder women should be wearing i mean is on the movie

  • Chaji D

    If any of you could do that last challenge against cheetah, i would consider you the greatest injustice player of all time



  • speedfreak975

    damn it i wont be getting game before mid june :/

  • the mortal bomb

    you had a problem with cheetah to Hugh

  • LeJon Brames

    Is there any way to get the gear if you lose it?

  • diddyknux

    The outfit's cool. I just wish the Injustice-verse Wonder Woman wasn't so... Well, I don't know if you've played the story yet, so I should keep it vague. Less then heroic, lets say.

  • Nemesis

    To bad I missed the event 😞

  • Frankie Dix

    can i still unlock the gear after the event's already passed?

  • MrOmegaBeams

    Dang, Susan Eisenberg is my favorite actor for Wonder Woman after Lynda Carter! :)

  • Ernesto87

    I got mine Beating Cheetah was no easy feat.

  • reymart christian Cruz

    I wish they out some stars in her skirt.

  • Rene -Reigada

    i just want the DCEU actors and Gal Gadot to have DLC characters with their actual faces cuz this superman and wonderwoman, flash, cyborg and aquaman are ugly as hell

  • KK-Bomb

    I don't mean to brag, but I beat Cheetah on my first try.

  • The World's Enemy

    Nice to see you play as Wonder Woman, I just got this set myself last minute lol but the design of the gear is beautiful.

  • Katherine Pierce

    Hello it's me again :) Alexis I'm hyped for the movie too can't wait :D Btw we got Wonder Woman gears with the same way my Wonder Woman was lvl 10 your too!! (I show your Wonder Woman lvl in this video you can see it next with the name of the character) and second the same way to defeat cheetah lol and I unlock my Wonder Woman movie skin today morning and I show your video now :/ and we did it with the same way 😂😅 well I really can't wait for this movie I guess that will be my favorite D.C. Movie I have ever seen!! I wish they will do one movie for black canary or green arrow or something author I really want to see one movie including black canary or supergirl!! Cause they are my favorites in this game but 1 is black canary and then 2 supergirl (the final movie I show was alien covenant)

  • Sabalghoo

    You didn't show the gear set!! I wanted to see it!

  • marco ramirez

    So I have to beat all of the event to get the gear and is there a limited amount of time this event is happening or if I wait a few more days will I have missed my chance of getting the movie gear?

  • Rene -Reigada

    get ezra miller, ray fisher, jason momoa, henry cavill on here

  • Kevin Elysee

    I sent a message to be a part of your Guild on the PS4


    i hate you can't use any skin or gears on the player 2 in versus offline mode, i hope they patch it

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