The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – PC Ultra vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Day-One Patch [60fps][FullHD]

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This version includes Day-One Patch on all platforms.
Diese Version ist mit Day-One Patch auf allen Plattformen.

This is our detailed comparison The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC Ultra, PS4 and Xbox One. This video covers most of the graphics settings, that can be adjusted in the graphics menu as well as a general PC versus PS4 and Xbox One comparison. PC is set to Ultra + NVIDIA settings.
Unser detaillierter Grafikvergleich zu The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt auf PC, PS4 und Xbox One. Das Video deckt den Großteil aller Grafikeinstellungen ab, zudem vergleichen wir PC mit PS4 und Xbox One im Allgemeinen. Die PC Version ist auf Ultra eingestellt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – Merchants of Novigrad
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – The Field of Ard Skellig
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – Hunt or Be Hunted

Content / Inhalt:
00:00 - Riding a Horse 1
01:12 - Anti-Aliasing
01:41 - Interior
02:31 - Ambient Occlusion (Off SSAO HBAO)
03:01 - Bloom
03:32 - Foliage Visibility
04:21 - Grass Density
05:11 - NVIDIA Hairworks
05:34 - Gameplay Ghoul Fight
06:13 - Cutscene Intro
06:55 - Light Shafts
07:25 - Shadow Quality
07:55 - Texture Quality
08:25 - Water Quality
09:07 - Riding a Horse 2

Our system:
Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz
16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB)
2x 4096 MB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970
500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD
2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX

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  • pablo maybe

    This game is not great because of their graphics. The story and the gameplay are the real important thing that make this game awesome!

  • Richard Cry

    Детализация волос, Лол

  • Your Mom

    Believe it or not but the game plays puch more smoother on the XboxOne than on the PS4

  • Ashley Surridge

    I honestly cant really tell the difference people always bang on about pc pissing over consoles but at least you know where you are with consoles you know whatever game you put in its gonna run and not have all the bollox of pc messing about

  • Xtreme Gamerz

    The Video is 60 fps not the console gameplay !!! :D

  • qwervqwe vqwevqwev

    The biggest problem with PC gaming is that games nowadays aren't optimized for high -end computers.

  • Franklin

    My comparison1-PC in ultra yes2-PS4 in very high3-Xbox One in high

  • Hamza Akram

    0:36 most of the fog is missing for ps4 and xb1

  • le Comte Dr Guindo Fernandez

    Quelle sont les difference ?🤔

  • shadow0106

    Pc will always be better, because the technologies are first developed for it, them put onto consoles!

  • Debajit Jit

    i noticed some differences such as greeny things like grass looks more green on ps4 and xo and skin colour looks more red and saffron type but pc gives well balanced colours

  • The xboxgamer

    Bruh bruh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Warpon

    You can tell whatever you want but it looks the same everywhere and to have Godlike "60 FPS" you must have good computer and everyone can not have great computer

  • Stranded Alien

    All look very good. PC first ( costs three times more though ), PS4 2nd and XBox trailing in last place.

  • Mohamed Hami Nasrulla

    That horrendous frame rate on consoles! Yuck!

  • Mask 228

    Fuck ps 4 fuck xo only pc

  • Ori_M

    Video doesn't do the PC version justices. It looks so much better than consols.

  • League of Goldexplorer

    On PC it is much better!

  • Daniel Kirby

    I love how you make a video trying to compare console to a pc..when if your going to show it on pc stop downgrading to console level😂😂😂..i get your trying to give some hope to console but what your tryjng to pull off in this impossible


    Xbox one graphics seems like shiit....💩💩💩

  • Dave Carsley

    The only problem with this game is that the soundtrack sucks so much.End troll

  • Azure Corporations

    How come I don't see a difference on my 720p phone?

  • pablo maybe

    Best combo: PC + Nintendo switch ;D almost all the games to play!

  • Ed Gol

    The Wicther 3 may look good on all 3 platforms but The FPS will be different

  • Vian Naude

    xbox one and pc looks very similar and ps4 just looks a bit worse then xbox

  • Nick Kunwar

    One big notice is PC and PS4 display fog during the beginning. While xbox one doesn't show any fog.

  • Alex Morgan

    i tried running the game in the same resolution as Xbox One plays it but the colours go all yellow?

  • Liberty Precious Metals and Investments

    Water seemed the biggest difference my naked eye could spot and not really much different ... shafts of sunlight a tad better on PC as well ... I bet mods in the end will have PC much better though albeit I have kick ass pc I prefer just laying on couch with console

  • Chaieb Ayoub

    Ps4 is the best because developing games in consoles more easier than pc

  • tyrone mcswagg

    they all look great but my pc will always take the cake

  • john xiong

    1:05 you can see shadows popping in from the trees on ps4 and Xbox one for those of you saying you can't tell the difference

  • Chaieb Ayoub

    Horrible shadows on pc

  • Ian Edmonds

    I thought the PC version was best but the XBOX one version wasn't too far behind and the PS4 didn't trail by much either.Props to CD Project Red for great versions on all 3 platforms.I take it it was developed on PC and the other two were ports?Luv and Peace.

  • Nick Blunt

    Конечно наеб редкостный

  • Cris Overlook

    It’s not the same you console babies. My Pc can run 1080p at 60FPS sharp . On my shitty PS4 it keeps on crashing when a load of wolves or creatures attack me .

  • ahmed alomar

    Should've gotten an i5 and 1050ti system instead.

  • black haired ivan

    looks better on pc :"|

  • Gomu gomu No

    The only thing that makes PC "better" is 60 fps....but i love the game even if i play It with 30 FPS P.s : Sorry for the bad English

  • TreborSelt

    Shadow Draw Distance and Frame Rate were probably what I noticed most. Which are both very important for immersion. ;)

  • AleDark444

    7:02 esto es una broma???? La interfaz de Xbox cuando se supone que esa parte es en ps4????

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