Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 254

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video 1:
audio 1: ES_Wasted Education 2 - Anders Bothen

video 2: sent by Aiur
audio 2: Bizet - Les Toreadors from Carmen

video 3:
audio 3: Nitro Fun - New Game
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video 4:
audio 4: ES_Rolling In The Retro Jam 1 - Victor Ohlsson

video 5:
audio 5.1: ES_Skyfall 1 - Johannes Bornlof
audio 5.2: Pole Chudes
audio 5.3: Varien - Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm)
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audio 6: Edvard Grieg - In The Hall Of The Mountain King

  • 짜초

    Whenever you're stuck in endless opponent searching, just wait.your opponent left

  • Dmitriy Kuz'min

    Thats why so many "legend" players. Every expansion adds more fucking random istead of good mechanics, Ben says its fun! (NO)

  • Vagelis Stefanopoulos

    I knew it was easy to get Legend but that's just silly!

  • SergeyAndreich

    Леонид Аркадьевич одобряет! 3:16

  • Warfarin43

    About last theme with ezboost. it is old problem, I always reboot HS and got 10-12 wins already with dat lag)

  • Aiur

    assurdi sti cazzo di ladri iscrivetivi pezzi di merda !;)

  • Marco Pederzoli

    ma con che coraggio giocate col client in italiano?

  • UrbanSky

    great editing on the kripp clip lmao

  • Mark Luck

    omg kripp face was hilarious!

  • Thomas Divelbiss

    RNGstone boys. Skilled players are just the ones that have the time to stream all day and play enough games to get to high rank.

  • Uchiha Madara

    remove fucking frenchies from these

  • DownTimeGamer

    how do people get the cards on the side of the screen?

  • Dank Potatoes

    4:11 The fact that the enemy was using a Wild Deck and was sniping made this moment so much more satisfying

  • stabo10

    3:12 me every turn of every game

  • Rpground


  • MaMLP

    my heart always jumps with when Thijs gets fucked by rng

  • Ömer Faruk Ak

    4:40 happens all the time since beta it's nothing new.

  • Luca Motroni

    DreamHack Valencia 2017 - Hearthstone Grand Prix DIRETTA -

  • Kashim

    Welcomt to Dogolrax!

  • Gyula Tóth

    How to be a pro player: 1. Grab a card/minion.2. Make sure to not aim in a straight line but in a huge f***ing curve.Congrats, you are pro now.

  • mcmixael

    ну так нубики легенду и получают, несправедливая хуйня

  • Minitell

    Why does Un33d have like 40 hearthstone screenshots on his desktop? xD The needless startup times D: NotLikeThis Put them in a folder you fool!

  • equmag

    2:42 надо было сильвера вставить)

  • TheOriginalElkstone

    Why do you always put these shit tracks to clips?

  • Ralph Wagenknecht

    I don't understand the 2:07 clip, what's so funny about it?

  • Ayylmao3213

    Watching Trolden reminds me why I started playing Elder Scrolls Legends instead of Hearthstone

  • Mini Rowerator

    Nice Casinostone over there. Skill dependent game LUL

  • NikasCZ

    Kámo asi to jde co? :D

  • zippo718

    Dunno why the last guy was so surprised. Every time the game hangs on the searching screen, it means the opponent disconnected. Free legend is nice though.

  • Paco FromMexico

    your videos are getting lazier every episode

  • chukky1124

    Thijs ... Really good player but sometimes im ashamed as a Dutch guy... jesus how can you even miss that stop putting your nose so far in the air and think sometimes

  • Lord Morgon

    I know to becoming legend with quest-rouge was easy....BUT THIS EASY!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING BLIZZ! XD

  • Jiří Beránek

    so this is how you get legend,i have been doing it wrong

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