Injustice "Wonder Woman's TRUE Origin" - Complete Story

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Marco Santucci

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  • Jerry Mathurin

    Thanks for this, I love this Wonder Woman

  • Collin Khan

    Superman friends with Lex Luther, Wonder Woman killing Steve Trevor, what’s next; Alfred being the one who killed the Waynes?!

  • smoke126857

    Is there going to be videos for everyone's origon?

  • couldn't come up with a name

    Can't wait to see the batman Vs zodd fight

  • Aitisham Aslam

    comicstorian: "Its' goooood!"me: pedo alert

  • Shadow otaku452

    makes sense but still she become like Nazis

  • Saral Thakur

    This origin seems to be inspired from the movie to be honest with a bit of changes to injustice story arc.

  • Master

    why didnt steve just tell the amazons that the nazis were the good guys

  • ZigZag2000

    One problem. Why did Steve pretend to be an ally. Why not make the Nazis look like the good guys? Wouldn't that be a better twist as a whole and more believable from a bystander like Diana. I mean yeah the story is good but they seem to have made werid mistakes.

  • Denisw Ficulovic

    Wer ist von euch aus Österreich oder Deutschland

  • Exton Jonas

    how can someone call the way she acts wrong? is it not an alt origin

  • Comicstorian

    For me, this made complete sense. The story is Written by: Tom TaylorArt by: Marco SantucciWe're going to begin trying to give creator credits. So call me out if we dont. Its something we should have done awhile ago.

  • gibbs615

    Well how about that! Ya know MY theory on that Injustice Diana's origin was when she was first molded outta clay as we know, the god who gave her life was NOT APHRODITE (as how the good main dc universe Diana was born) but it was ARES THE GOD OF WAR instead unfortunately. That's what I always thought!

  • Revens1

    pretty sure she decapitated him not break his neck lol

  • Michael Sarmiento

    I thought that the Injustice Universe was originally a universe where Lex Luthor didn't become evil but I didn't expect that Steve Trevor was a half-german and a Nazi.

  • Ultimate Lightning 2.0

    Dam that's a twist.

  • Starwarrior 001

    Injustice wonder woman is a hoe

  • ChaosNinja556

    Oh. My. God. That was such an intersting change to her origin! It all makes sense now!

  • TheTiz

    See this is an interesting take and explanation but I get the most impact from the Injustice universe when it is an alternate timeline that stems off from the one that we know so having changes like this just devalue Superman's shift to a villain as the ultimate turning point that results from Joker kills LL and Metropolis.

  • Ian Brennan

    Well then. Didn't see that one coming.

  • Brian

    the injustice comics creator confessed that he did not know what to do with Wonder Woman character. His favourite girl hero is Harley Quin who has much better character arc than Wonder Woman

  • Cort Foss

    By the looks of it she actually cut Steve’s head off rather than just breaking it

  • Charles Lane

    Damn that's a bad Bitch no pun intended

  • 2Good2BeTrue45

    Just because they tried to give Wonder Woman a backstory that tries to make you understand why she is so merciless, (which Netherrealm could retcon at anytime) it doesnt make Wonder Woman any less of a massive bitch who needs to get taken down.

  • Garrett Menshew

    I'm seeing a pattern..Steve trevor corrupted wonder woman.Wonder woman corrupted Superman.Superman corrupted Damian. (in a way.)

  • Nathan Bodisa

    Wow i did not see that coming

  • Matt Moles

    Hey can you finish the injustice 2 story no one else has told a story better than you and I liked you to finish this story

  • Furious Sherman

    I hope that in Injustice 3, Wonder Woman is the main villain.

  • Örlogskapten San Chan

    Damn, the love of her life betrayed her. #UnloyalBitches

  • Cloras Fauna

    Ahh, this is the WO WO movie

  • S Williams

    7:10 "There is no truth, there is no justice, there is no mercy."

  • Leoncroi

    7:14 - Broke his neck? Understatement...

  • Hexcraft Gaming

    wait this one doesn't seem right if she kill Steve for working with the Nazis cause they killed innocents shouldn't she hate superman more after he killed innocents????and before someone says he didn't kill anyone that could be seen as innocentGreen ArrowMogoHerculesAnyone in the Joker Underground (people who are only using Joker's name and have done nothing bad)Alfred PennyworthShazam

  • linkzellda

    Reason or not, she still is a bitch.

  • That80sGuy1972

    Is it bad that I am IN LOVE with THIS version of Wonder Woman?

  • SuperBadspeller

    Please do death of hawkman then hawkman found#1

  • Anthony Thompson

    Broke his neck? Took his head clean off lol

  • Folder

    aw thats sad.....i still dislike injustice wonder woman but i feel for her pre injustice storyline (but ya outside of that though, i hate her guts)

  • Brody DeLarge

    So she hates nazis, yet she became a nazi on the side of Superman. Yeah makes total sense.

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